A Girlfriends Guide To A Well-Seasoned Celebration

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Per the State of CA and the County of Santa Barbara, Salt does not require face masks indoors for employees or vaccinated patrons. As COVID 19 virus still exists, we do allow visitors or employees to wear masks, as needed. Masks are optional. We strive to keep our...

Healthful Hangout: Inside the Salt Cave Santa Barbara

Nestled below the quaint steps of historic State Street, the Salt Cave in Santa Barbara are forged from 200 million-year-old Himalayan pink salt that seem to rise from the surrounding salt beds like some mythical village. Created from the crystalized sea salt beds of...


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QUESTION: What could be better than a private yoga session with your best friends in a one-of-a-kind Himalayan salt cave in downtown Santa Barbara?

ANSWER: Having cupcakes and champagne after a private yoga session with your best friends in a one-of-a-kind Himalayan salt cave in downtown Santa Barbara

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When contemplating how to honor a friend’s birthday, I craved a departure from the fun, but somewhat predictable dinner and drinks evening. I wanted to bring balance to our time together by doing something decidedly different – something meaningful, active, and perhaps a little decadent. So, I booked a private salt cave yoga session, which included a lovely post-workout soiree, replete with Champagne, cupcakes, and other tasty treats.

The restorative experience began upon entering the Crystal Cave. The massaging effect of several inches of course salt crystals underfoot, combined with the warm, rosy glow of the surrounding Himalayan salt blocks elicited a collective ahhh. Salt manager and yoga instructor extraordinaire, Chava, lead us through an invigorating and ultimately relaxing session, and, as a bonus, Salt owner, Pam McCaskey popped in and gave us a quick tutorial on the many healing benefits of Himalayan salt. From there, the group transitioned to a well-appointed, private lounge where we relaxed, noshed on a delectable spread, and of course, raised a glass to the birthday girl.

As the evening wrapped, and everyone shopped the dozens of locally-made Himalayan salt products in the boutique, we came to a consensus: to book the cave again. Of the many options available – other yoga and healing classes, cave meditation sessions, and salt-infused massage and facial treatments – one of these will definitely be on our calendars.

“Our clients regularly come in for purifying Halotherapy Cave Sessions, which ease breathing by infusing the air with tiny pure salt micro-particles. The negativelycharged, ionized salt particles along with the 84 trace elements and minerals the salt contains, help to clear pollens, viruses, pollutants, and toxins of the lungs and nasal passageways.”
-Salt Owner, Pam McCaskey

A Girlfriends Guide

ABOUT: Salt, a luxury health boutique, houses the largest salt cave in Northern America, constructed from forty tons of 250 million-yearold imported Himalayan salt. The Salt team hosts a variety of exclusive corporate events, family celebrations, bachelorette parties, and even movie nights for kids, all designed with the goal of entertaining, nurturing, and educating people about the healing benefits of salt. 740 State Street, 805.963.7258, saltcavesb.com