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  • Welcome to Salt

    Santa Barbara's underground Himalayan salt caves...drop in, feel good, and experience the wonder of Salt.

  • Get Grounded

    At Salt, our serene and beautiful salt caves are crafted from 45 tons of 250 million year old Himalayan crystal salt, the most pristine and unpolluted salt on Earth. The mineral content of the salt in our caves is identical to that of the primal ocean, which is the source of all life. Unlike regular salt, which has been processed and chemically refined, our Himalayan salt is pure and completely natural, containing 84 trace elements that are absolutely essential to our cellular health. Salt Cave therapy, also known as Halotherapy ("halo" means salt in Greek) and Speleotherapy
    ("speleo" means cave in Greek), is profoundly relaxing and can even improve your mood!
  • Pass the Salt, Please

    For centuries, Eastern Europeans have traveled to cities in Germany and Poland to visit curative underground salt mines to relieve a variety of respiratory conditions and skin ailments, such as allergies and asthma, and eczema and psoriasis. Today, Salt brings this extraordinary healing experience to Santa Barbara ... simply sit back, relax and breathe in our beautiful caves. The micro particles of salt in the air help to decongest the lungs, and reduce inflammation in the airways, while soothing the skin and relaxing the body and mind. It's revolutionary.
  • Man Cave

    Inhalation of pure Himalayan salt clears much more than the sinuses ... it also clears the mind. Drop into Salt to find a deeper sense of peace and quiet, and emerge feeling refreshed and ready for action.
  • Play Date

    Whether you just want to have some fun with your kids, or you need to combat their sneezes and sniffles, plan your next play date at Salt. The pure Himalayan salt in our caves is not only a special treat to sink your toes into, it is also anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.
  • Beyond the Studio

    Bring your next workshop or lecture to Salt, and add the benefits of salt therapy to your curriculum. Full of negative ions that positively enhance the air, our caves make you feel energized, yet calm and connected, while providing a unique environment for any meeting or class.
  • Salty Chi

    At Salt, we offer a variety of invigorating classes in our caves, such as Yoga, Nia, and Sound Healing. Be sure to visit our Events & Classes page for details, as well as for updates on new and exciting classes.
  • Every Breath You Take

    The secret of healing in the caves at Salt is simple...the air is intensely saturated with micro particles of salt that are easily absorbed through the skin and deep into the lungs. Breathe it in and feel yourself come alive.
  • Negative is the New Positive

    At Salt, there's something in the air in our caves ... it's not just salt, it's negative ions. By regulating serotonin levels in the brain, negative ions create a very relaxed state of mind. Warning: Negative ions may cause happy mood swings!
  • Happy Hour

    Book your next spa day or girls' night out at Salt, for a unique and rejuvenating experience. Whether you indulge in one of our treatments, or book a private party in our caves, you will love the glowing effect our salt will have on your skin.
  • Smooth as Silk

    At Salt, our signature salt scrub is a spectacular 90 minute treatment that stimulates and smoothes the skin. Treat yourself to a full body Himalayan salt scrub, your choice of therapeutic massage, followed by a complimentary 45 minute session in one of our beautiful caves. You will leave feeling revitalized, yet relaxed ... it's what we like to call salt-sational!
  • Variety is the Salt of Life

    Our retail lounge at Salt carries many products to enhance your body and your home. From skin care products, such as handmade soaks, scrubs, and masks; to culinary treats like salt slabs for cooking and serving, finishing and fusion salts, cookbooks, and artisan chocolates; to beautiful ionic lamps, candle holders, and vases for the home ... Salt has something for everyone. Fill your world with pure Himalayan salt.

Sarah at Salt


  • 740 State Street
    Santa Barbara, CA



  • 805.963.SALT (7258)
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mon-Sat 10am ~ 7pm
Sunday 12pm ~ 7pm

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